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    Smallest Size UHF Rfid Reader Module

    Products Mode: HYM360
    Chip: Phychip PR9200
    Fixed Current: ≤380mA
    Fixed Power: 25dBm
    Stepping Interval: 1dBm
    Tag Protocol: EPC C1G2/ISO18000-6C
    Typical Read Range: 2m with 3dBi rfid antenna


    tubiao.png Brief Introduction

    HYM360 UHF Reader Module complied with EPC C1G2 Protocol, its working frequency is 840 MHz ~960MHz, with standard 3dBi antenna, the reading distance can reach 2 meters. With low power consumption, simple power supply and interface circuit, a high-performance and cost-effective RFID system can be established. It is suitable for retail,access control, medical industry, food tracking, anti-counterfeit and so on, especially for small size hand-held UHF RFID reader.


    tubiao.png Technical Data

    No. Item Technical Date Unit Remark
    1 Fixed Current ≤380 mA 25dBm
    2 Standby Current ≤1 mA EN Pin Low Level
    3 Frequency Range 840~960 MHz  
    4 Default   Working
    MHz Frequency Interval 250KHz
    5 Fixed Power 25 dBm  
    6 Stepping Interval 1 dBm 10~25dBm adjustable by
    7 Label Protocol EPC C1G2
    8 Starting Time ≤50 ms  
    9 VSWR ≤1.5    
    10 Max Reading Range 2 m 3dBi Antenna

    tubiao.png Characteristics of DC

    Data Min
    Unit Remark
    Voltage of Power 3.3 4.2 5 V DC
    Input High Level 2 3.3 3.5 V GPIO
    2 - 5 V EN
    Input Low Level -0.5 0 0.5 V GPIO
    - - 0.18 V EN
    Output High Level 2.3 - 3.3 V GPIO
    Output Low Level 0 - 1 V GPIO
    Enable Current 2 5 25 uA VEN≥2V

    tubiao.png Requirement on Antenna

    No. Item Technical Data Unit Remark
    1 VSWR ≤1.5    

    tubiao.png Appearance and Structure


    tubiao.png Interface Definition

    PIN Signal
    Function/Compatibility Description
    1~2 NC   NC
    3~6 GND - Module Connecting Ground
    7 VDD Input Module Supplying power
    8 EN Input Module Enabling, Highly Effective
    9 GPIO Output  
    10 GPIO Output  
    11 UART_RX Input  
    12 UART_TX Output  
    13~16 GND - Module connecting ground
    17 RFOUT Bidirection Module Radio frequency Input and output interface
    18~24 GND - Module connecting ground


    tubiao.png Environment Requirement

    No. Item Technical Data Unit Remark
    1 Working
    2 Storage
    3 Relative
    10%~90% RH  

    tubiao.png Circuit for Reference


    tubiao.png Video Description